Monday, May 18, 2009

Does Skripture speak to you?

Does it catch you with a hook? Well, this Skripture does. Today I had a photo session with actor/lyrical artist/model Skripture, a.k.a. Mike Foy. Who is this cat, you ask? You've probably seen him and heard him and enjoyed his work. Ever see The Shield on FX? Stamped it. Heroes on NBC? Stamped that one, too. How about the show Prison Break? Stamped that like a slap to the face! His music has even graced an episode of The Shield. He's got an album coming out soon called, "Legendary" and I am sure it'll be great. I was fortunate enough to listen to a sample today and it was smooth as silk. Loved it! Between the TV shows and movies he has coming out, I was psyched that he had time a photo op.

Today we collaborated to create some images that would benefit us both. We wanted to create something unique and knew it would be tough. On many of the television shows he's the 'bad guy'. Truth be told, Mike is a down to earth guy from back east who knows what I mean when I tell him that many of the California 'lakes' are really ponds, but we understand. He's laid back and super cool. Before the end of the session we had already discussed one or two more sessions with a different vibe. I am looking forward to them.

Mike, thank you for allowing me to shoot you today. I hope you had a great time and that you and all of you webbed foot followers enjoy the session. We certainly did.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Roncovacoco - Get your listen on!

Ever hang out with a band that you just KNOW is going to be fun to chill with? Roncovacoco IS that band. They are so much more than just a band though. They have this cool family vibe where they can be totally cool with each other, poke fun, be serious and still smile... all at 8am on a Friday morning! I want to say Thank You to the members of Roncovacoco for inviting us to be a part of your journey.

Kymberli and I got to shoot a session with them in downtown LA and it was a blast! Roncovacoco is in studio recording a new CD and we shot some photos for the CD itself. I've listened to some of their tunes they have out and I cannot wait for the CD release. It's gonna blow up!

You really do get super comfortable with these guys. I think every single member (nine were there and they were missing two) offered to help me with my gear at least a half dozen times. You guys are too cool and helpful. I so appreciated it! Best of all, they moved with precision. If one of us asked them to move around and get into a different positio

n... they did it with grace and we had a stellar session, but enough of my rambling... on to the sneak peek!

Kymberli's rad images are up on her blog... talk about talent!

My favorite shot of the day...