Sunday, December 28, 2008

Coyote Sighting in Los Alamitos - 10:30am

Everyone who knows me well knows that I am an avid outdoorsman, nature photographer and lover of animals. I encounter animals all of the time in the forest or at El Dorado Park. Today was my first experience with a southern Californian coyote.

Kymberli and I got up this morning intent on going to the park to walk and get some exercise. I drove down the street and Kymberli exclaimed, "Aw, a dog is in the street down there by itself." I look and without hesitation we both blurt out, "That looks like a coyote!" It was down near the Los Alamitos Animal Hospital and it was 10:30 in the morning. Bright sunshine and it was using the sidewalk. I drove right up near it and started hollering at it. It gave me one look and was not at all worried about me. It kept walking ahead.

I quicly turned the car around and got my phone out. Kymberli called the Los Al Police and they said they couldn't do anything because the animals live there. I understand that they do, but they could be a bit more helpful. I feel they could have asked for more information or sent someone to check it out. People keep bitching and complaining at the City Council meetings and in the papers about coyotes attacking their pets, killing cats and small dogs and not being able to do anything about it. Well, they should do something! Anyway, we follow it down the road. I drive right next to it and all the while (And I am sure the Baxters will appreciate this) I am cursing myself out for not bringing my camera. This would be THE prime op. for a coyote photo and it's a block from our apartment! So, I whipped out the phone and got this quick shot. It's nothing spectacular, but you can see the coyote. He was well fed, healthy and not at all afraid of humans.

I drove down the road to tell a young couple, who had their little boy walking on the sidewalk, that there was a coyote right up the street. They looked, pointed and asked me if that was him. I said yes and they turned right around and high tailed it to their vehicle. I cannot blame them! With a baby on the way, I would be VERY cautious. After I made a U-turn, the dog dissappeared. I went bacvk to our apt. to see if our cat was ok. She was and we waited for a few minutes to see if the coyote would reappear. He did not, but I am still cautious. I know I will be carrying my pepper spray anytime we go on a walk and I recommend others do, too.

We both a little rattled about seeing the animal. I have seen them in the wild and had them come very close when i was in the forest, but to have one in your neighborhood and unafraid... that is frightening. Be on your guard Los Alamitos.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

S.tarbucks O.n S.aturday (SOS)

I am laughing inside at just how picky people are and how crazy our society can be. It's no wonder we are having financial difficulty when someone can't just get a cup of coffee anymore without being super, no Uber-specific.

I came back from walking dogs at the animal shelter this morning and made my usual stop into Starbucks. When I get there I counted 7 people ahead of me. 5 minutes later we weren't moving and people started grumbling. So, I opened my ears a bit more and found the hold up. A woman was ordering gift cards... not coffee, at 8:30 am on a Saturday. Now, usually that won't matter to me, but she was ordering each one separately and she ordered around 10! She didn't even order a coffee or anything. Who shows up to a coffee place at the peak time everyone wants a hot, tasty beverage and orders their gift cards? By the time she was done, the line was 12 people deep. She rushed out the door as to not make eye contact with anyone. Crazy!

Oh, and it gets better. I usually get the same thing - a coffee! I know, it's an AMAZING concept, but I get a grande coffee with room from cream and sugar. That's it. This is where the rest of the fin begins. The guy behind me orders a medium foam, double cup latte, at exactly 130 degrees. WHAAAATT?? Do you mean to tell me your tongue knows exactly what 130 degrees is and you HAVE to have that? HAHAHA! Ok, I'm done. Nope, I lied. It gets better.

The guy behind him asks what the bold coffee is for the day. The barista does NOT stutter when he says the regular coffee today is the Chrsitmas Blend. Good stuff. The customer wants to know what the bold is. The barista tells him that they brew one regular and one decaf and that the regular is the C.B. He pauses and askes for the funniest thing. I am still smiling over it. He asks for a 50/50 - half Christmas Blend, half decaf with a splash of hot water. Are you kidding me? You JUST asked what the bold coffee was and now you was a 50/50 with a splash? Please, God, am I on candid camera? I know you MUST be messing with me. LMAO!

I try to look at the humor in everyday life and today made me laugh. So, now I am home. Happy to have a regular coffee and a breakfast sandwich. I am happy that my wife and baby are doing great and momma is sleeping soundly in the bedroom. I wish I could take some of the burden from carrying the baby from my wife, but it's just not going to happen. I need to be supportive and loving and I just want to take care of her. God, thanks for helping me see the humor in life and seeing what is really important. It's not the 130 degree latte, or my coffee... it's people. It's my wife and soon-to-be-born baby, family and friends. Keep them close, talk to them and most of all... listen. You'll be surprised at what they don't actually say that you can hear loud and clear. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I hope you get the exact coffee you want.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Richard, Monica and family slideshow!

This was a wonderful session on s many levels. First, the family is wonderful and very polite. Second, they are a beautiful family - just look at them! Third, this was our very last portrait session of 2009 and now we are waiting for the arrival of Baby Riley so we can take even more pictures!

I am very happy to be able to share this slideshow. We have grown so much as a business and as a couple. Kymberli and I are always trying to improve our styles, our workflow and our business sense. If you check out our first blogs to now, you will see a big improvement... and we aren't finished.

Thank you Richard and Monica, for allowing us to photograph you and your family. Tux, there's a special treat for you for being such a good dog. We hope you all enjoy this slideshow of some of my images from the day. You can check out Kymberli's slideshow here. She captured some of her BEST images of the year with this session. Great job, babe!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football?

A couple weeks ago, Kymberli and I got to do a session with the ever-so-cool and uber-athletic Chavez family. They were all so cool and even though the boys weren't 'really into' the session... I think they secretly enjoyed being in the spotlight. How can they not? Mom and Dad were great and just look at how beautiful Mom is and how handsome Dad is!

A big thank you goes out to the Chavez family for being patient, walking on soggy ground and just plain having fun while letting us photography you. We really enjoyed it!

Here is a brief slideshow for you all to enjoy.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sneak Peek - Richard, Monica and family make seven!

Today, we had the great fortune of photographing Richard and Monica along with their family. This includes Tux, their Boston Terrier, who was so cute. I mean, look at this mug!

Their family is absolutely beautiful. It was great seeing their family dynamic. The kids could be themselves and Monica and Richard could do their thing. Thank you all for allowing us the opportunity to photograph your wonderful family. It was such a great way to end the day. Kymberli posted some of her sneak peek on her blog, too! Check them out here!

Here is the entire family...

And here is my favorite image from the session. I just love how everything melted together and how sweet they were to each other. Gorgeous!

More to come later!!