Saturday, December 13, 2008

S.tarbucks O.n S.aturday (SOS)

I am laughing inside at just how picky people are and how crazy our society can be. It's no wonder we are having financial difficulty when someone can't just get a cup of coffee anymore without being super, no Uber-specific.

I came back from walking dogs at the animal shelter this morning and made my usual stop into Starbucks. When I get there I counted 7 people ahead of me. 5 minutes later we weren't moving and people started grumbling. So, I opened my ears a bit more and found the hold up. A woman was ordering gift cards... not coffee, at 8:30 am on a Saturday. Now, usually that won't matter to me, but she was ordering each one separately and she ordered around 10! She didn't even order a coffee or anything. Who shows up to a coffee place at the peak time everyone wants a hot, tasty beverage and orders their gift cards? By the time she was done, the line was 12 people deep. She rushed out the door as to not make eye contact with anyone. Crazy!

Oh, and it gets better. I usually get the same thing - a coffee! I know, it's an AMAZING concept, but I get a grande coffee with room from cream and sugar. That's it. This is where the rest of the fin begins. The guy behind me orders a medium foam, double cup latte, at exactly 130 degrees. WHAAAATT?? Do you mean to tell me your tongue knows exactly what 130 degrees is and you HAVE to have that? HAHAHA! Ok, I'm done. Nope, I lied. It gets better.

The guy behind him asks what the bold coffee is for the day. The barista does NOT stutter when he says the regular coffee today is the Chrsitmas Blend. Good stuff. The customer wants to know what the bold is. The barista tells him that they brew one regular and one decaf and that the regular is the C.B. He pauses and askes for the funniest thing. I am still smiling over it. He asks for a 50/50 - half Christmas Blend, half decaf with a splash of hot water. Are you kidding me? You JUST asked what the bold coffee was and now you was a 50/50 with a splash? Please, God, am I on candid camera? I know you MUST be messing with me. LMAO!

I try to look at the humor in everyday life and today made me laugh. So, now I am home. Happy to have a regular coffee and a breakfast sandwich. I am happy that my wife and baby are doing great and momma is sleeping soundly in the bedroom. I wish I could take some of the burden from carrying the baby from my wife, but it's just not going to happen. I need to be supportive and loving and I just want to take care of her. God, thanks for helping me see the humor in life and seeing what is really important. It's not the 130 degree latte, or my coffee... it's people. It's my wife and soon-to-be-born baby, family and friends. Keep them close, talk to them and most of all... listen. You'll be surprised at what they don't actually say that you can hear loud and clear. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I hope you get the exact coffee you want.


kymberli q. said...

I love this post, honey. What crazies there are out there! You are right, people are so picky about stupid little things - 130 degrees?! Are you for real? I could never work at Starbucks! LOL I'm also glad I know what's truly important (especially after the "scare" I had yesterday) and know how to put things in perspective. I love you!

Anonymous said...

People are funny.

You are a real sweetheart for taking care of Kymberli the way you do and Baby Riley is going to be a lucky litlle one.
Mom II

Jim, "Homer" said...

Ya know, you have a great attitude about life and what's it really about. Great post and way to see the humor in things.