Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sea World Is Awesome

We went to Sea World last Saturday and I think we picked a perfect day. It was chilly, but a great day to be out and enjoying fresh air and beautiful sights. Everything was great, but I think the Clydesdale's and the dalmatian touched me the most. I kept thinking back to the Budweiser commercials and they made me tear up, especially when the dalmatian walked over to us and stared or just made sure little kids didn't get too close to the big horses. It was just a wonderful thing to experience.

We took some fun photos and got to experience the first night of 'Shamu Rocks', and got some cool photos, but we really wanted to just enjoy the show. Without further ado...

Enjoy the show...



Richard Wong said...

These are some incredible images Al. Shamu is really dramatic.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful shot of Shamu

Mom II

kymberli q. said...

These pictures are awesome! I especially love Shamu and the horse and the dog!!

cassandra m said...

that photo of the Clydesdale is BREATHTAKING!!!! it. ant the photo of Shamu rockin at night sends chills up my spine. I lived in Orlando for a year and had a pass to get into seaworld weekly. My photos never looked that great. SHAMU & YOU ROCK!!!