Monday, November 10, 2008

Makin' Babies - With Style

My title has a hidden meaning... and no, I am not talking about 'making' babies. Paul and Wendy already did a great job there. I am talking about the fact that they have a little girl on the way and they have a style all their own. My wife posted a few photos of their maternity session today and it was so cool. She also gives a brief history of how we know them, but here's my side.

When I moved out here to SoCal three years ago, my wife threw me a party to welcome me to California and she invited all her friends. Wendy, Kymberli's co-worker at the time, was one of them and she introduced me to what I think was called a Washington Apple shot. Tasty little things. That was how I met Wendy. I then met Wendy's husband, Paul, and we've all been friends ever since. We certainly don't get to spend as much time hanging out like we'd like to, but when we do we make it count. Paul is one of THE most unique artist's I know. The man has a talent that most would make any sacrifice for. He's got mad skills as a graffitti artist and can freehand and airbrush some of the most amazing stuff you have ever seen. I can't wait to do a vintage car shoot with him.

Today we had the privilege of photographing the expectant couple in Huntington Beach's Central Park. I love it there. Spacious, lots of dogs and beautiful scenery. We had a lot of fun with our shots and even got to poke some fun at me for setting them up in the oddest shot ever. Sorry guys, next time we'll bring duck food.

Here are some of my favorites on the day. My wife got some of the best shots I have seen today. You'll have to check out her blog. I know pregnant women seem to have a hard time believing they are beautiful, but I think you'll see how beautiful Wendy is from these photos. Thank you both for allowing us to take your photos. Your daughter is going to have an amazing life and play dates will definitely be in our future! You can always see the amazing amount of love the two of you have for each other.


kymberli q. said...

Awesome job, honey! 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 are favorites! 2 looks like a pregnant "Obsession" ad. I am not kidding! Awesome images! LOVE the flare and the "Ginger" ones!

Wendy G said...

WOW!!! I love them ALL! I like 1,3,4,6 and 7 the best!! Thank you so much for everything, your written part of the blog is so touching and yes, we need to "schedule" more time to get together, because we always have fun when we do see you guys! I say a round of Washington Apples once Ginger and Riley arrive!!

david and kim said...

another beautiful pregnant couple! love the last 3! al, the flare in that shot is perfect!

hope you and kymberli are having a blessed thanksgiving day!!