Friday, November 28, 2008

Sharing and giving thanks, what a concept!

Thanksgiving always brings back good memories for me. Back in NY, every year my family would get together and have a big meal and get to spend some quality time together. There was always the fruit salad (which I loved), the oysters for my dad and the 15 pies for me. Ok, but I had to try each and every one! It was a rule. I'll admit, I miss those big dinners with my family and look forward to one in the next few years. My family here in SoCal is wonderful, too. Everyone gets together at Aunt Donna's and we all bring something to share. Last year, Kymberli and I opted to share our time with a local church in Seal Beach and help serve Thanksgiving meals to those who didn't have families, were homeless or just needed a good warm meal. It was one of the warmest days of my life. It wasn't that I felt good about being a servant or anything like that. It was that God had put me in a place to share a unique moment with my wife and we had both agreed to do it without hesitation. It was the fact that I got to share some time talking with people there and finding out why they were there. It is easy to explkain how it went, but difficult to truly grasp how wonderful the day was.

This year, Kymberli and I did not go to the church. I didn't want Kymberli risking getting sick or being on her feet too long. Riley will be here soon and I am sympathetic that she has a baby in her belly and the extra strain taxes her body. It was still a very positive day. We were able to spend the day with our family (her side) and it was great. Lots of baby talk, great food and much laughter. We took some time to photograph Kymberli's cousins (mine too now) in the backyard. Jayson and Ali have a wonderful family and they have been great to us. As future parents, we have had many questions and they have been more than helpful. We are so appreciative that they are willing to share. Even 3-yr old Jackson was willing to share his meal with Kymberli. He's a character and extremely intelligent for his age. Look out pre-school!

I just want to say thank you to my family here, my family in NY and my wonderful wife for all the memories of Thanksgiving. I am thankful to God for blessing me with so many wonderful gifts in life. Without my faith and family, I would surely be in a different place.

Here are two of my favorite shots from yesterday. Thank you guys for allowing us to photograph your family. It was a treat!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the one of Jackson & Lucy, it almost made me cry, it is so precious.

kymberli q. said...

I love you and am so, so, so thankful for YOU! You are my bestEST friend!

cassandra m said...

oohhh AL, I love the borders here. AWESOME PICS!