Sunday, June 13, 2010

2nd Annual Long Beach Grand Smoke

Lights. Matches. Cigars and whole-lotta-smoke! Last Saturday was the 2nd Annual Long Beach Grand Smoke and it was off the chain. There were at least 100 more people there this year than last and it was packed! It was held at the El Dorado Country Club in Long Beach. Here are some of the photos from the event so you can create your own story of how the night went. A big thank you to Albert Espinoza of Taylor's Cigar Lounge for getting me involved both years. He's a class act and I highly recommend his shop.

For those of you who had your photo taken and you would like to buy prints, here is the link to the gallery:

Grand Smoke Gallery

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luluslovlies said...

Even though smoking is not considered healthy I can appreciate the Grand gentlemen that do or did! My Father smoked a couple of cigars about 5/6 a day until he was older then it tapered down a bit, 3/4 a day but he was my hero and even when he was in the nursing home later on in years, Dad still expected me to bring him his box of Dutch Masters Panetela's. At his grave side we even sent him off with one from each of us. To him the "First Love "of my life, he would love your post and I would have brought him to this event! "Remembering Daddy" 1901-2000 what a Gentleman he was! Lived to be 99 years plus!