Saturday, June 19, 2010

O.C. Fair Photo Contest - 2 Entries Accepted!

Each year I enter my photos into the O.C. Fair photography contest and pray the judges like my work. I am super excited this year because this marks the third year in a row I have photos accepted into the fair! This year is special for other reasons, too. I truly love both photos that were accepted and I am excited that Kymberli also got two of HER photos in this year, too! What an incredible year. I am always humbled when my photos are accepted, but also extremely excited.

Here are my two entries that were accepted.



Good luck to all who got photos in and good luck to my wife. I'll be honest, I'd love to see a ribbon on my photo, but just having it hang along side other great photographers makes me feel pretty good, too.


Anonymous said... excited for both of you. Good luck....MomII

Jim, "Homer" said...

Simply outstanding Al, both of you getting two shots accepted. You know it's well deserved for you.

Best of luck.

luluslovlies said...

They were awesome as I saw them, you are a very talented man from a "young at heart" grandma!