Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vote YES on Prop 2!

Have you ever sat down for a wonderful meal and said 'Grace'? I mean truly thanked God for what he has provided for you and your family? The next time you do that or just sit down to a nice plate of scrambled eggs or a juicy steak... think about where it came from. REALLY came from and how it was brought to your dinner table.

Most of you know where I stand on certain issues facing the world and I am not afraid to believe what I want to believe, nor am I afraid to take a stand. My wife and I constantly talk about how cruel people can be to animals and what we can do to help. It seems like an overwhelming task. Sure, we volunteer at our animal shelter as much as we can and when we aren't with the animals we are putting a newsletter together for the Seal Beach Animal Care Center or helping with a fundraiser. Don't think I am asking for a pat on the back. Far from it. Like my good friend Abbey would say, I don't want any 'Thank yous' or f-yous.' I just want people to wake up and realize that we all need to do our part to help out in this world. It may or may not be what Kymberli and I do and I am, of course, totally ok with that. Just take a few minutes to watch this video.

I am quoting my wife here. She states in her blog, 'Please, please, please watch this video and then vote YES on Prop 2. PLEASE WATCH IT so that you are informed. Not watching it because you don't want to be disturbed is not fair to those who cannot choose for themselves. Turning your head to something you are uncomfortable with DOES NOT MAKE IT GO AWAY. Please be informed and please know what is happening to some farm animals. It's not right and it breaks my heart and boils my blood. May God Bless the animals that have suffered and the animals that are currently suffering. May California voters support this so that every creature has a right to humane treatment.'

That says it. Our elections are right around the corner and this is one of the big ones for California. It's scary knowing what I know now and I aim to fight the cruel treatment of these animals. Please Vote YES on Prop 2 on election day. Check out the website for more information.

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kymberli q. said...

I'm so blessed to be married to someone with such an amazing heart and a love for all creatures. God is so good to me. May He bless all those suffering the way he has blessed me. Thank you for posting this honey.