Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Q - Round #2 Ultrasound Photos

I am already so in love with my kid. He or she is going to be so cute. We had our big ultrasound check-up today and Kymberli and Baby Q passed with flying colors. Whew! and Yeay! all at the same time. We were both saying, "Wow!" and "Soooo cute" the entire time. Watching the baby on the TV was such a wonderful experience. I am still mellowed out by seeing the baby moving and everything. Here are some shots of Baby Q from today. Now, everyone knows, or should know by now, that we do NOT want to know the sex of the baby. From what the Dr. told us you can't make anything out in these photos, but JUST IN CASE you can see a 'little' something or a 'little nothing', DO NOT email us or call us telling us what it is. We still want to be surprised and have gone to great lengths to keep it a secret. There are far too few GOOD surprises in life and we want this to be one of them.

This one is SO adorable.

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Anonymous said...

We all love Baby Q already. I must say Baby Q takes after Grandma, Grandma sucked her thumb until she was _____ (you can guess) LOL

Love MomII