Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's Finally Here!

After a long month, my D300 finally arrived last Friday! It is, how you say? AWESOME! This baby is packed with some stellar features and I have only scratched the surface of what it can do. In case you haven't heard about this camera - wait, tell me you have heard about it. Seriously, it is the best investment I have made so far (besides my wife's ring).

Here are some pics of when I got my new toy. My wife was cracking up at my faces and she got some nice candids.


kymberli q. said...

You look so cute in these photos. Congratulations on your new toy, honey. Muah!

Roody said...

Those photos gave me a good laugh. You're still a screwball, LOL.

Your new camera looks sweet. I was just talking to Jodi a couple weeks ago about getting a new digital camera. The one we have is a Kodak EasyShare Z740 that I got for free in the 2005 LPGA Pro-Am. It still takes pictures fine, but occasionally takes a bad picture if you don't open the flash.

I'm just not sure I can justify the investment in a new one with wicked features. We don't take nearly as many photos as you do.

Bliss said...

Ummm... Nikon shooter, uhmmm... ;-)
Anyway, I heard Canon must be trembling at the sight of the D300. Hope you post your work with it ;-)

cassandra m said...

Oh my gosh...you look so funny...like a kid at Christmas. Did you feel like you were 5 and getting a new bike?..ha.ha. That looks like an AMAZING camera. I shoot Canon, but actually just advised a closed friend in making the purchase of this same Nikon. I am awaiting his reply and I hope he looks as excited as you...ha.ha. Best!

Al Quackenbush said...

Yeah, I was like a fat kid in a candy store. The camera is so awesome. Canon makes a great camera and sweet lenses. Nikon's D300 is unbelievable and gives any Canon a run for the money. Still a lot to learn with it, but it's a fun learning process.