Sunday, January 13, 2008

Night Has Fallen On The Skate Park

Today was a lazy Sunday. I really had a great day of blogging, cleaning, chilling and watching football. After the Giants beat the Cowboys, I was ready to take some pictures. Actually, I was ready all day, but I wanted to watch football first. I decided to go back to the El Dorado Skate Park. This time in the evening so I could get some cool night shots. I shot these at ISO 3200 with a flash.

Again, I met some new people and saw some familiar faces. Jonathan Sandoval was back for more skate action. He made sure to say hi and I made sure to get some shots of him. He pulled this one off shortly after I arrived.

I then met a guy, Chris Stark, who gave me some great tips on skate parks around. Chris was there with his sons. I was amazed that his son, Jonathan, had enough energy to skate after playing in two soccer games. Oh, to have the energy of a 10 year old again. Jonathan is new to skating, but he has incredible balance. I was pretty amazed at how he flowed around. Here is one of him as he got some air.

Some of the other guys I met were doing some sweet tricks and putting out some serious energy. I was pretty impressed, but then again when I was that age I was playing backyard football for 5 hours and loving life. Now I am lucky to bike 7 miles and not get tired.

Here are some of the photos I got tonight. This one is of Jackson A. Sorry, Jackson. Stupid me can't read my own handwriting and I can't tell if it says Allender or what. You'll have to correct me. I played around with 2 photos to make this one. I am digging it. Jackson was the superstar of the night. He was trying trick after trick and every time he fell, he just got back up and did it again. The concrete was damp in spots and made for some tough going, but that didn't stop him.

Kirk Slaton was getting air all night. I followed him around a bit and caught him almost vertical.

The guy who was the most energized was Michael MacGillivray. This tattooed skater was non-stop in his quest to pull a tail grind. He also did a lot of other stuff and I have no idea what they are called. Here he is pulling the tail grind and another of him at a distance doing another trick.

Michael wanted to try one more grind and had built up some serious speed when another skater started eating his space. He maneuvered around him (quite sharply) and helped make this photo so much fun.

So there you have it. Another fun day at the skate park. What a great area SoCal is. I love it around here. There is so much to do and so many people to meet. Thank you to Jonathan Sandoval, Jonathan Stark, Kirk Slaton, Jackson A., and Michael MacGillivray for allowing me to photograph them. You guys were great. Another thank you goes out to Chris Stark for giving me some great pointers and locations of other parks. Great talking with you, Chris.

If any of you are interested in purchasing any of the photos you see on here, let me know. I have plenty of each of you that I did not post. I can always set up a gallery where you can view them and send the link to your friends and you can all buy them.

I will see you all again soon, I am sure. Have a great week!


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kymberli q. said...

These images are INSANE to me! I LOVE them! Great job, honey! When you get an 'in' at the X games, be sure to get me a ticket. ;)