Saturday, November 24, 2007

Beach Front Photography

Today, Kymberli and I got to photograph a wonderful couple at Dog Beach in Huntington Beach. They brought their two dogs, Lilly and Jasmine, to be photographed with them. These dogs were tiny and so cute.

If you have never been to dog beach you have been missing out. The beach is huge where the dogs can roam. We saw over a hundred dogs out there. Some of the dogs decided to stop over and say hello to us and sometimes to the dogs.

Jameel and Emily were great sports and fun to work with. They wanted some photos for Christmas cards and to get the dogs in. The dogs were so good. They let the bigger dogs know they were not to be messed with, but when they weren't bothered they just sat there and wanted some love.

Here are just a couple of the shots I took from todays photo session.


kymberli q. said...

OK, as you know that second one is my absolute FAVORITE! I love it!!!! I also love the shadow and sunset ones you didn't post - you'll have to post those another time!

Emily said...

Al, thank you so much for everything. We were both very appreciative of your time and kindness!!!