Friday, November 16, 2007

Gathered Around The Water Shooter

Lucky for me, I usually bring my camera with me to work. Most times it just sits there, lonely, begging to be picked up. Wednesday was my cameras lucky day.

It was your typical day at work. Sometimes it was busy and other times you did everything you could to keep your head up from being drowsy. I am fortunate to have an office where I can see out into our parking lot. One of my co-workers starts waving at me through the mirrored window to come out and see what he is looking at. I figure it's another great blue heron that is stopping by for a gopher lunch. I reach into my camera bag and rustle out my camera and bolt for the door. He meets me halfway and tells me a tractor trailer decided to do a u-turn by our office and took out a fire hydrant. Sure enough, this is what I see when I walk outside...

The Long Beach Fire Department showed up really fast and we noticed that they had what looked like a newbie (rookie) who they sent out in bare feet and a raincoat. Once they sent him in he couldn't hear what they were saying. This cracked me up.

The water was pouring down and had to be freezing. I felt bad for the guy, but I also figured that it had to better than running into a burning building and risking your life.

The Water Dept. showed up and one of my co-workers yelled to him and told him not to rush. He looked at us and asked why and we told him the other guy was already soaked. So he drove over and by the time he got out the newbie had the water off. The water guy was all smiles...

To cap it all off, the officers handed the hero a washcloth type towel. Thanks guys! I have to admit I was laughing about it all.

The guy was a champ and deserves a big thank you. So, thank you LBFD newbie.

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kymberli q. said...

Oh my gosh, great photos for a great story! I love the water dept guy shaking the fireman's hand! Oh, and what is with the raincoat? Does that really help in a situation like that?! LOL Ah, Southern California - we don't need raincoats unless we need to fix a water source break!@