Monday, February 25, 2008

New Technique On My Eyes



Jim, "Homer" said...

Hey now, I'm really liking this shot. Has that 300 look to it. Love the lighting and contrast to it. You mind sharing?

kymberli q. said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this, babe!!!!!!!!!! Do it to my eyes!!!!!! LOL

Seriously, it looks like a movie poster!

Al Quackenbush said...


I don't mind sharing at all. I shot it using two off camera flashes. I had two SB-600's - one to my left and one to my right - each with a portable softbox over them. I used a 50mm 1.8 lens, took a self-portrait while focusing on my eyes.

It created a nice shadow on my right side, but not enough for me, so I went in to Photoshop and did a few things. I adjusted the levels rather harshly (upped the black) to get more shadow. Then I did a replace color to the magenta to lose the redness of my eyes. I didn't pull it ALL out, but enough to make them POP! Did an unsharp mask, too. Then I duplicated the layer, made it grayscale, and did a lens correction to make the corners really dark. I masked my eyes out in the gray layer and adjusted the layer drop down (I can't remember which one I used, I'll have to check tomorrow - it's at work). :) There you have it. I was playing around to get the shadows heavy and in turn was able to get my eyes more pronounced.

cassandra m said...

that is awesome. I agree with has that 300 feel to it. great movie! AWESOME PHOTO here!!!!