Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some People Can Be So Ridiculous

Today was one of those days where we didn't have to do much of anything. The one thing we needed to do was to photograph two people on our board at the shelter. For anyone who does not know, Kymberli and I volunteer at the Seal Beach Animal Care Center. It is our way of helping out our community and the animals who need lots of love and TLC.

I went on down there today to photograph these two wonderful ladies this afternoon and got to also spend some time with the dogs. I love seeing these dogs and some of them jump around, bark and want to play each time they see me. It could be that they get that way around anyone, but for the sake of argument we will say it's because I spend time with them. :)

I also got to encounter some people that just drove me nuts and made me shake my head. Some people act so idiotic and just irritate the crap out of me. I hope when my friends at the shelter read this they nod their heads and say "Yepper, exactly."

While I was setting up my equipment, two people came in and wanted to look at the cats. They wanted to adopt a cat. Ok, so everyone knows - they were a military couple and I support our military 100%. As I type this I am shaking my head in disgust because this couple wanted to adopt a cat, but they came out and said they had already given up cats on other occasions. Why? Well, because of this guy being in the military and being stationed in different places they had to travel around a lot. Strike 1 - if you are that selfish that you need an animal around when it's convenient then you don't need that animal. Period. They had a couple of other things going on with her being pregnant and the other cats not getting along. What? So what makes you think that getting another animal now is going to be any better? You have a CHILD on the way. Take care of him/her FIRST! People like this scare me for the animals sake and in their case the child as well.

On to the other guys who came in looking for a dog. Nice guys and they wanted to look at dogs. They took out one of our dogs who is a sweetheart, but needs attention, loves to play and has an adventurous side. I see them with him and they walk towards me as I stand by the front door. They start bringing him inside the office. I ask them what they are thinking and one of the guys tells me with a straight face, "I am kinda worried about his adventurousness. We like to keep our gate open and I am afraid he would get out. We kept it open for our other dog and she stayed inside and that's what we want." Are you a complete moron? You want the dog to stay? I realize we live near Hollywood, but this is no movie. You have to WORK with the animals, it's not a storybook fairy tale. STRIKE ONE.

Here's where I get absolutely ticked off. There is a large sign in plain sight that says "Please Do Not Bring Dogs Inside The Office" and I make sure to point this out to them. The guy looks me in the eye and nods. I repeat myself and get direct and tell him he can't bring the dog in. Now, I see that the dog does NOT want to go in there because we have three dogs that are the office dogs and it is THEIR territory. The guy looks at me and says he'll be fine as he needs to go in there. Are you that dense and self-centered that you have to do everything your own way? There are a few choice words going through my mind, but I refuse to put them here. STRIKE 2. Shame on me for not being more aggressive and telling him he needed to wait outside with him.

One of our board member tells him inside about the sign and the idiot brings the dog back out. Oh wait - it gets much better. These two take the cake for Sunday Afternoon Buffoons/Idiots.

They walk around and another volunteer is walking one of our other dogs. The dog they are walking starts to bark and jumps up and when he come down his paws are spread out and he is kneeling on his elbows. This is a sign of a playful dog, but what does this guy says? "I am worried about how aggressive he is." WHAAAAAAATTTTT!? I feel like my head is going to spin off at how stupid this guy sounds. He is extememly uneducated when it comes to dog behavior. THEN he starts yanking the leash and saying "No, no!" Ok, first rule - the dog doesn't speak human and yanking isn't going to accomplish anything except irritate you when the dog doesn't respond. STRIKE 3 <-- You're Out! BUT, it gets BETTER!

THEN the guy says they are unsure of adopting today because they are both going out of town that night and they would have to have him boarded. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You want to adopt a dog, bring him home, bring him back to another kennel and go away? Ok, I've had it - you selfish pricks! Grow up and realize that the world does NOT revolve around you!! You guys need serious help and I sure hope no shelter allows you to adopt an animal. We love our animals and I would rather see him stay with us and be loved and cared for than neglected and used to fulfill some inadequacy in your life.

Sorry this is so long, but there is one more Award Winner from today. I am taking down my lighting equipment and I watch this cute family walk inside. I go in to pack up my gear and the guy is explaining that he and his family are thinking of adopting. No, not right now. He wants to look at the kittens now and pick one out and come back when their youngest is 2 years old. The boy is just about 18 months old. The volunteer helping with the cats is the nicest person and she explains that the kittens will likely be gone in before the 6 months to a year. The guy comes out and says, and I do not exaggerate, "Really? They won't be here then? Then what can we look at?" Ridiculous people!! Another winner of the stupidity award. How about coming back when you are READY to adopt and pick one out. Moron.

Now that you know how I really feel - :) - I have to say that my hat is off to the board at the shelter. Not just the board, but all of those people who make it work. They have to deal with this day in and day out and I only got a taste of it. I am not sure if I would ever make a good board member because I tell people like it is. I don't pull punches and I think people are better off because of it. If you sugarcoat something I feel it's a disservice to the animals, that person and yourself. Great job to the SBACC Board and everyone who has to sort through the applications, talk to the potential adopters and for dealing with everything like you do. I know it isn't easy.

This was just one of those days I needed to share this with you all in hopes that you will take the time to consider how precious life is and that you need to consider all things before making a rash decision. I love life, animals and the friends I have at the shelter and I sincerely stand by my thoughts and beliefs.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I am happy that I got to spend some time with the dogs today. As little as it was, it was worth it to me to see the dogs playful and just wanting to be loved. I love them all. Even the ones that may not love me.


Jim, "Homer" said...

Wow, what a day Al. It just amazes me how people can be, I mean it's not that hard, just commen sence. but I guess a lot of people just lack that.

My family just started volunteering at the SPCALA by El Dorado Nature Center. My daughter is working on a girl scout project for her gold award and putting together care packages for family that adopt pets. So my daughter and I did a couple of hours this Sunday with the cats, as we can't work with dogs until we take the HEAL class.

Al Quackenbush said...

Awesome, Jim! Tell your daughter that is very cool. I always enjoy hearing how people give back like that. That is great that your family is doing it all together.

Yes, I agree. common sense seems to have skipped some families. It amazes me how some people can be.

Maybe we can do coffee in a couple weeks. I am thinking of heading to Simi Valley on Marc 15th for a trail walk/photo outing with some other people. Let me know if you might be interested in going.

kymberli q. said...

You are very passionate about our care center. ;) I love that you are, though!

I cannot believe the people who wanted to put "J" in boarding until they came back from their trip. And leave the gate open all the time? Unreal.

It's no wonder why there are so many animals in shelters. I'm sure when people have had it, they'd rather get rid of them instead of train them.

I hate that some people think that animals are 'disposable' or something "fun" to have around until they are bored. Ugh. :( I mean, look at us, we were going to adopt Lollipop and then we told the shelter that we didn't think it would be fair because we go out of town a lot. And we're not even in the military where we HAVE to move a lot. Why can't others think that way?! Shelter stories never cease to amaze me. It's sad.

Jim, "Homer" said...

I'd like to meet with you for the trail walk / photo outing but I have All-City Finals for Long Beach Middle School Girls Track that day. We still need to meet for coffee though.