Monday, March 10, 2008

An Adventure In The Park

Today it was so nice here in SoCal that I just needed to get outside and soak up the sunshine. I decided to hit Old Faithful (El Dorado Park) for some bird shots. It was so nice that I walked around and shot about 175 photos, but really just enjoyed being out there and loved being in the sun.

The park was filled with Great Egrets today. They were getting lots of tasty treats from the stream and they were cautious of me, but not as much as usual. Here are some of my shots from today. The only editing I did was some sharpening and cropping.

I really need to make it over there more often.



Jim, "Homer" said...

I really need to get out there and as well as the nature center. For a place that has so much to offer I sure don't get out there enough.

Nice shots by the way.

kymberli q. said...

Very cool, babe! I love the one where you can see his/her yellow legs! Nice!

cassandra m said...

I am certain you need to work for National Geo! These are magazine worthy! I love the composition of the first two and the third one has an cool reflection. The last one is so intriguing how the foreground and background are blurred different amounts. sweeet!