Friday, March 7, 2008

Tiggers Like to Bounce!

They certainly like to play! Boy are they beautiful. I realize I am a little late in getting my last photos up of the Tigers at the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL, but here they are. I went through them and wish I could go back as I sit here at the Tampa Airport.

Just look at how much they enjoy each others company, but also the incredible size of the male vs. the female. One thing to understand is that the male was bred by a guy to be big. I think the guy is an idiot for doing that sort of thing, but nonetheless the big cat is here.

My lens set up was not ideal for this situation. I would do it differently for the next time so that I could eliminate the fence lines, but you get the idea. One of my favorites is when the male yawns. His gaping mouth could engulf the females in one bite. Absolutely incredible.



kymberli q. said...

Oh my gosh! That male is HUGE!!!!!!! Those fences do not look safe enough! LOL They are beautiful! I almost want to say how "cute" they are playing, but I think that might be an insult to them. :) Great images, babe!!

P.S. And we think the dogs at the shelter play rough with us sometimes - could you imagine these CATS?! LOL

BigCatRescue said...

That last photo really BEGS a caption.

Jim, "Homer" said...

I just love the tigers. Very nice shots.

I would go to LA Zoo and stand at the tigers display taking pictures for hours. I need to get out there again.

Al Quackenbush said...

Huge is right! I was thinking of captions for that last photo. One that popped into my mind was:

Male Tiger: "Check this out, babe. I can open my mouth THIIIISSSSS Big. Oh yeah."

Female Tiger: "Look at my face. Yeah, it says 'Not Impressed', so go back to laying there."

Jim, these tigers were amazing. I have always been fascinated with their beauty and intelligence. And the fact that they love the water, too. I need much practice getting the right lens with the right situation, but I was glad to be there soaking all of this in.

cassandra m said...

sorry i am late posting...I LOVE the 5th one where she is licking him...ha.ha. great. Ummmmm, maybe National Geographic should hire you! seriously!!! These are awesome...great color too.