Sunday, March 2, 2008

Will you 'walk the world' with Jayson Rowley?

I challenge you to listen to my cousin-in-law's music and not let it hit you. It is simple and very to the point, but so friggin cool!

Kymberli and I went down to the Viento y Agua Coffee House on 4th St. in Long Beach to see him last Thursday night. Small place, tons of character and I loved it. Actually there is even more room for the character to blossom and that is very cool. There weren't too many people there and I was bummed because the music was so cool. He has 2 songs that aren't on his new 'walk the world' album yet, but I was so into them. He plays the guitar well, sings well, but the best part was the slide guitar. I am envious of anyone who can do that, but he was making it look way too easy. Rock on, Jayson!!

I am only posting this one photo because my wife got some seriously tight images from that night. Mine is just showing his action on the instrument. Check it out and check out his website.



kymberli q. said...

This image ROCKS, babe! I am lovin' it!!!!

cassandra m said...

This is be the cover for his CD...great color and exciting action feel. Nice pic.

Al Quackenbush said...

Thanks to the both of you!

Cassandra, I love the technique, but each time I look at it I wish I had used my tripod. Next time, right? I'll have to show it to him and let him know that when his new CD is out he needs to hire us!


Richard said...

incredible shot Al. I really enjoy effective use of motion blur. Plus I used to be a musician myself.

btw, thanks for adding my link. I'm adding yours right now.