Monday, March 17, 2008

Will You Take Me Home?

There is a time in a persons life when you have to stand up for what you believe in and not fear what others think of you or what may happen to you.

Ever since last July, my wife and I have been volunteering at the Seal Beach Animal Care Center. We walk the dogs on Saturday mornings, but most of all we sit with them in their runs or in the play yards and pet them, talk to them and play with them. We try to show each and every one of them love. So, when we heard about the Carson Animal Shelter mistreating its animals we had to get more information. That information was not easy to hear and worst of all it sucks when you see it first-hand. You can read all about it here.

First, let me say this, the SBACC people are amazing and the dogs and cats there are treated incredibly well. They are clean, have clean and warm beds, blankets, food, water, are shown love constantly and get a yard to run around in. They are walked at least twice a day and for long walks, too. Up and down the street, the grass, and all over.

The Carson Shelter dogs are in a sad state. I am deeply saddened and feel such pain for these animals. The part that makes me angry is that the people running the shelter do not care for animals. You can see it just by going into the shelter.

We took part in a protest at the shelter yesterday and I am glad we did. I know it is only a small part, but it's a step in the right directions. A wise man mentioned to me today that be it baby steps or adult steps, as long as they are in the right direction they are good steps. Thanks, Jim. This protest was to spread the awareness to the public about the deplorable conditions, the killing of animals without waiting to see if owners claim them, the mistreatment inside and the blatant disregard for life. It sickens me. It saddens me and it makes me so full of anger that the protest was a must for us. Here is a photo taken by Ryan Olshan (Not pictured) of the group of us.

Photo © Ryan Olshan

We got to the shelter a little early and took a walk through to see what it was like. The runs (cages) were full of feces and 90% of them did not have a blanket for the dogs to sleep on. Now, I am usually warm and can handle being chilly, but yesterday was cold with the wind and these animals were huddled in corners just to stay warm. Some did not have water and dogs need water. It's common sense, but obviously the shelter doesn't require common sense when it hires people or gets volunteers.

Oh yeah, volunteers. That's another thing. When we were walking around we saw a volunteer walking a puppy around by the runs. It didn't want to walk anymore so what does she do? She starts to drag it. I could feel the blood run to my face as it reddened and I stopped and turned to look at her. She was right near the puppy's run, but that is no excuse. Mistreatment, plain and simple. Can't handle the way a puppy walks? GTF outta the volunteer business. The more I write the angrier I get, but I am going to get it all out there. As a volunteer, I know that there are days dogs will try your patience and days you don't want to be there. It doesn't give you the right to be a complete brute and drag a puppy. How would you like it if someone was babysitting your child or grandchild and didn't like what they were doing and decided to drag them by their arms or legs? You'd be pissed, huh? Bet you can see it now, but then again, I saw you do it so I am guessing you don't understand.

I am sickened by what I saw. Not only that, one of the pit bulls had been neutered and the glue came undone. Yes, glue. Not staples or stitches, they use glue. And the only explanation they could give was "It happens". Yep, it happened because you are cutting costs and doing what you want to do to get home quicker to your families. You don't care what the animal is feeling. Oh yeah people, animals can FEEL, did you not KNOW that? So they had to take the pit bull back to the vet and have it redone. I hope they use staples or stitches this time to make sure he doesn't have to go through it AGAIN!

The protest was small, but I hope effective enough to make people aware of the situation. And there is GOOD NEWS! Cathy (one of the protest organizers and animal rescuer) was able to rescue a beautiful, loving dog! It was such a good feeling to see that. She dedicates her life and soul to making the world a better place by doing whatever she can to help the plight of these dogs. Tell me this dog isn't happy now?


I love how happy the dog was. Mike walked him to his truck and he was running with a hop in his step. He even got up on his truck to look in the back. He KNEW he was going for a ride and going to a great place. Thanks to Cathy, Ryan and Mike for getting this dog set free!


If you feel strongly about this and want to help, please contact Cathy or Ryan. You can find their info on the LADACC blog or contact me. I will help forward your info. I aim to get involved more with this because I am still in shock at the conditions and Cathy made a good point of saying that this is 'clean compared to what it normally is' and that I believe. I would be willing to bet money that they only cleaned it up because they knew we were coming. Here is Cathy's Blog.

My wife said it best. She said in her blog, 'Cathy and Ryan, if you are reading this, I am positive that halos are awaiting you in Heaven. I feel that I have a big heart for animals, but you two take the cake. God Bless both of you in your fight with this and we will be supporting you.' Babe, you are so right. Cathy and Ryan, keep it up and feel free to ask us if you need anything. We will help as much as we possibly can.

God, please bless the animals at the Carson Shelter and all of our shelters in the world. Please watch out for the animals. Keep them warm, safe and for the ones that do not make it, we know they are with you by your side in Heaven.


kymberli q. said...

Such a great entry, babe. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for your big heart and supporting things like this. I love you.

cassandra m said...

Al...even though this was tearful to read and heart breaking, thank you for sharing! WOW...very powerful message and I know you will bring attention to a bad situation. Good for YOU! I am a huge PET lover myself (if that isn't evident in my bio pic) and I loved everything you wrote. I hope something good will come from your protest...I am sending prayers for those precious animals right now ;) God Bless you all for your concern & may God Bless and protect all these ANIMALS!!!

Anonymous said...

What a heartbreaking situation. Thanks for sharing your thoughts & experiences with the blog world. I am saddened to hear about the nonsense that goes on in these shelters. The dogs need more people like you and Kymberli in their lives.

Cathy Nguyen said...

Drew was adopted today!!!! My friend from the Irvine Animal Care Center emailed and said as soon as Drew go moved over into the adoptable building, he was adopted within 2 hours :)

Al Quackenbush said...

Cassandra and Erin,

Thank you for your comments. K and I are going to help in any way we can to get these dogs good homes. They are in such need, but with some prayer and hard work things move in the right direction. Thank you for your kind words and checking out my blog.

Have a great Easter!

Al Quackenbush said...


That is AWESOME NEWS!!!!!! I am so happy right now. Such a great dog. Thank you so much for getting him out of there. I am so happy and I am sure he is, too!!

Life is good!