Thursday, March 13, 2008

A&K with G&C at CPK in HB

I felt like abbreviating everything in the headline tonight. Just because that's the mood I am in.

Last night was a great night. Kymberli and I got to meet Gabriel and Carlie Ryan at California Pizza Kitchen in Huntington Beach and we had a great time. You two are so much fun and so full of life!! Thank you for taking the time out to meet up with us.

We discussed so much and I have to say that we are blessed to have friends like this in the photography community. One of the subjects we talked about was the fact that when I went to college (many moons ago) you didn't get the openness of photographers. If you asked a photographer how he/she shot a certain session they got defensive and were very reluctant to help you. I even got sucked into that mentality for a long time and it sucked. For me and for others. Thank goodness that we have outgrown THAT!

We had a great meal, talked shop, had quite a few laughs and had such a wonderful time.

Actually, time kinda flew right by and before we knew it dinner was over. We are definitely going to have to do this again sometime. It was interesting because I felt like we were really getting into conversation, but the place started to fill up and we all had to get home for our beauty sleep (there is not enough sleep to help this chrome dome).

Here is one of the photos that my wife took. She did a great job using my camera. Thanks, babe!

Here are a few pointers I would like to give to all of my fellow photographers out there.

1. Don't always bring your huge backpack with a ton of your photo gear to dinner. It makes for a fifth wheel under the table. Bring a point and shoot and ENJOY the moment.

2. Always, always check the ISO on the camera before putting the flash on and messing with the dials.

3. Be yourself in the photo. I was being all serious and Gabriel and Carlie were just being themselves. I look like a tightwad in the photo. Had I been more relaxed and going with the flow I think the photo would have been even more fun!

Here's the photo of the three of us.


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kymberli q. said...

I love the abbreviations. Too funny! :)

Sorry about your bag, babe.

Thanks for dinner. :) I love you.