Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wedding Shots For In Good Company

Saturday was a busy day and so worth every second. We hooked up with Jason Rhees of In Good Company to shoot the details of a wedding he was doing all of the planning for. He was great on the phone and awesome in person. He had his crew working well together and the details were pretty incredible. It was at Park Privé in Costa Mesa. You would have a hard time believing this place was in an office park, but it was so cool! Outside terrace, beautiful grounds and this was the first wedding being held there. Jason, thank you for having us shoot the event. It was great working with you and we look forward to doing it again!

We spent some time shooting as they set up and meandered around scoping out the place. The sun finally came out and was beautiful. Kymberli and I worked so well together. We both have our strengths in shooting and it really showed. You'll see that in my photos and hers that are on her blog.

The bride and groom already had their niece set as the photographer, so we just did our own thing. I will say as a note to aspiring photographers - don't shoot the formal shots directly in the sun. It makes the people squint and complain and makes for harsh contrast. Plus, you need to make them happy. If they are squinting and grouchy, move around. Unfortunately we didn't get any say in where they were positioned, but even the groom asked her if they could move towards the shade and she said no because this was better light. Inexperience can hurt photos and he was right. They should have moved to some shade. She could have adjusted the settings to balance the tones and get a much more pleasing look.

Here are a couple from yesterday. I will post more tomorrow. And yes, my wife got me back on the 'frame' wagon. I used to do it with all of my photos. Now I am back doing it because it makes the photos 'POP'. Thanks, Babe.



Jim, "Homer" said...

Nice shots on the details and I really like the two of the birde and groom.

cassandra m said...

I agree with Kymberli...the frames really make the photos "pop"...she is one smart cookie. Also, I think it adds a touch of professionalism, as well as it just looks SUPER COOL ;)

kymberli q. said...

Love these babe, especially the last two. Awesome!